TLC East Kent Appeal - Teddies For Loving and Care - To provide teddies to Accident & Emergency and Minor Injury Units in East Kent

A quote from one A&E Sister “I cannot remember how we used to cope with these children before the Teddies. I hope that you can continue to supply them for a long time”

Many children who have received TLC Teddies treat them as very special toys. One little girl who suffered serious burns named her Teddy “Bernie”! Another calls her Teddy “Mason".

Mrs. Julie P, from Ashford, wrote, “My three year old son recently had to attend A&E following a minor incident away from home. As we went straight to the hospital, he did not have his own teddy bear with him. The triage nurse gave him a teddy when he was first seen, when he was still very upset. This was a great comfort to him and went a long way to distract him from the discomfort he was feeling.”

Where the child returns to hospital for further treatment, more often than not the TLC Teddy that they were given at A&E accompanies them. The TLC Teddy seems to provide them with confidence and reassurance.

“We see approx 25,000 a year and many attend in very distressing circumstances. The bears can be a great comfort to these children and the parents.” Liz Gearing, Paediatric Sister, Medway Maritime A&E.

“These bears work like magic. We all call them ‘Magic Bears’ now”. A&E nurse, Maidstone.

“I would just like to thank you and your charity for the wonderful gift teddies; these have been much appreciated by the children who attend our Unit, who are often distressed and frightened.” Lynne Slough, Matron, Gravesend Minor Injuries Unit.