TLC East Kent Appeal - Teddies For Loving and Care - To provide teddies to Accident & Emergency and Minor Injury Units in East Kent

The TLC Appeal in East Kent is unique in the way it raises funds. In organising fund raising events it not only brings in money it also raises awareness amongst the general public.

Other masonic provinces are funded entirely by donations from lodges and although the A&E's get the bears, do the recipients know where they have come from?

Over the past few years, the yearly average of bears delivered in East Kent has been in the region of 13,000. Each bear that is donated costs £1 to but and deliver to the units. 

So in order to maintain 13,000 bears per year, we need to raise £13,000 every year. Our fund raising activities bring in the majority of much needed funds.

Please take a look at the various fund raising events we attend or organise.